quarta-feira, 27 de julho de 2011

Slipped Disc - Grande Golpe para a OSB - Kurt Masur cancela seus concertos

Breaking: Major blow for Brazil Symphony Orchestra – Kurt Masur cancels his concerts

I am receiving reports from Rio that Kurt Masur has pulled out of his Beethoven concerts with the OSB.
A mentor of the crisis-stricken chief conductor Roberto Minczuk, Masur initially offered him public support in an open letter, urging the orchestra’s musicians to do as he told them.

But since 33 players were dismissed it has proved difficult to replace them and the venerable German conductor has wisely decided to remove himself from the thick of the controversy.
His cancellation has yet to be confirmed by the orchestra’s management. Minczuk has been stripped of the artistic director title, but continues to describe himself as such on his website and facebook page.
The crisis is no nearer resolution